Payroll outsourcing, 101 for start-up businesses
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Payroll outsourcing, 101 for start-up businesses

Starting up a new business will probably be one of the biggest steps you undertake in your life. It is a time when you will be faced with more work than you could ever imagine and in amongst this will be payroll. It is essential that you have a good grip on this; after all labor costs will make up a large part of your expenses. It is also essential to maintain accurate records and keep your documents in order. And most importantly you must pay everybody on time and without delay. Payroll outsourcing is one way in which you can ensure this is done and save yourself time for more important tasks.

Start up Information

Every time a new employee starts work for you there is a series of paperwork to be filled in and sent off to various agencies. This is easy enough if you have a human resources manager on your staff to take care of it all, but most starting businesses do not hire one straight away. Information you would need to collect is basic contact details, marital status, tax withholding details etcetera. Without the correct personal information processing your payroll will be impossible. A Payroll service company will deal with all this for you.

Keeping track of time

Are you going to pay your staff by the hour or are they going to be salaried? Either way you will still need to keep track of hours worked by hourly rate workers and calculate your salaried paid employee’s wages. To complicate things even more perhaps you are planning on having both salaried and hourly rate workers. Then there is over time and holiday pays, sick day’s etcetera, etcetera. To avoid this headache of who and how much do you owe employ a payroll service.

Time to get paid

Employees will expect to get paid on time and how much it is agreed they are owed. This may be by direct deposit, check, cash or a mixture of them all. It may sound simple enough but without the correct knowledge you may find yourself struggling and lost. It is not as simple as writing a check, there is tax withholding and wage calculations. By using payroll outsourcing you can avoid all these working outs and leave it to an expert.

Payroll and labour reports

You are required to keep all of your payroll records for a minimum of three years and follow correct protocol when it comes to hiring new employees. This all starts with collecting the appropriate tax forms and personal information. With all this information collected you can then withhold the correct amount of taxes for each employee. Bear in mind that the rates of tax do change and you need to carry an up to date tax table. If you do not you can land yourself with a hefty fine. A payroll service provider will do all this for you and keep you away from fines.

Human resources manager

Employing a human resources manager is a good option for keeping up to date with all areas of payroll. They are however expensive and it may not be a necessity for a new business. By payroll outsourcing you can avoid this non-necessity hiring until your business is more financially established and stable.

When it comes to payroll you really only have two choices as a new business; run what can amount to a serious headache yourself or use a payroll service and concentrate your personal efforts elsewhere.