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Give Customers
Payment Options

Businesses today need flexible payment processing solutions that securely accept electronic payments in today's ever changing marketplace. Ignite Payments has an extensive industry-leading portfolio of innovative payment acceptance solutions that allow you to accept payments no matter where your business takes you and however your customers wish to pay. You can select the point-of-sale solution that best suits your business and your growth plans and goals.

Point-of-Sale Terminals & Peripherals

Ignite Payments provides reliable high-performance, high-speed POS terminals and peripherals with built-in security to protect card information, and compact designs to fit your space.
Benefits include:

  • Basic entry-level terminals to check scanners, touch screens or virtual terminals with features and POS displays that successfully process all payment types
  • Mobile and contactless technology that meets the growing consumer demand for choice, convenience and security
  • Multi-layered security features
  • High-speed, built-in printers that streamline sales
  • WiFi, IP and dial-up connectivity
  • Quick software downloads
  • Compliance with the latest PCI requirements for security and fraud protection
  • A variety of add-on devices to enable maximum flexibility at the POS
  • Allow your customers to make PIN-based payments, initiate their own transactions or tap their card using contactless payment technology

Integrated Payment Solutions & POS Software

Our POS and software solutions give you full solutions for your business that are fast, secure and easy.
Benefits include:

  • The First Data™ Retail Solution helps retailers process payments, manage inventory, track sales, control costs, and improve service
  • The First Data™ Restaurant Solution replaces your cash register and payment terminal with a single system for managing your entire business
  • First Data Global Gateway℠ Virtual Terminal turns any Internet-connected PC into a POS device without installing software
  • Our business software solution is a PC-based alternative to traditional POS software for credit, debit and purchasing card acceptance

eCommerce Solutions

Our state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions enable you to provide customers with more online payment options and safer transactions for a more satisfying shopping experience that allows customers to pay where, when and how they want.
Benefits include:

  • Scalability to meet growth needs
  • Secure and payment card industry (PCI) compliant processing platforms
  • Turnkey online payment processing services to help increase your operational efficiencies with minimal integration costs
  • Optimum processing speeds and intelligent infrastructure with built-in redundancies that help ensure uninterrupted online payment service
  • Attract new customers and reduce cart abandonment by adding alternative payments such as Bill Me Later®, Google Checkout®, PayPal™, TeleCheck® and gift card solutions

Wireless & Mobile Commerce Solutions

Wherever your business takes you, we have payment solutions that help you meet the growing demands of your customers. When it comes to differentiating your business, wireless and mobile payment solutions can give you the edge over your competitors. We are in an age of Universal Commerce, where in-store commerce, eCommerce and mobile commerce converge to provide consumers with an integrated buying experience that is personalized, secure, and all available wherever your customers are. Ignite Payments stays ahead of current technological advances so you can keep up with the changing demands of this fast paced industry.
Benefits include:

  • Conduct business on the go with wireless terminals
  • Accept payments with your smart phone or tablet
  • Redeem paperless coupons and loyalty offers
  • Connect consumers anywhere, anytime to the things they need and want
  • Our enabling infrastructure is open, scalable and secure to create a timely consistent experience with mobile processing using trusted service manager
  • Integrated applications deliver a seamless experience across channels and functions for mobile commerce
  • Actionable intelligence provides valuable data to drive new levels of targeting, personalization and measurement through mobile wallets

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